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The more likes a comment has under the video, the higher it will be in position compared to other comments. This means that if you want your comment to be one of the first under the video, then your comment should have the most likes. If your comment is the first one under the video, it is guaranteed to be seen by other users watching this video.

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Yes! YouTube doesn't prohibit these activities. Our comment likes are 100% organic, so you don't have to worry about using services from FameLab.

What information do you need?

We like to make this process as easy as possible on our customers, so all we need from you is a comment link you want to buy comment likes. To get a link to a comment, you need to right-click (from PC) at the time of publication of the comment, copy the link to it and paste it into the link entry field on our website (the next page after selecting the package). Check example below:

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