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Purchasing SoundCloud Plays will make it easier for you to make your music popular. A simple formula works here: the more your track has plays on the music platforms, the more people will want to listen to it too. As a result, you will receive your track plays even more.

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We only offer a real SoundCloud Plays service. To keep costs down, some of our competitors resorts to robots or computer codes. We wouldn't do that to anyone! We provide the highest quality SoundCloud Plays that money can buy. FameLab is proud to offer both quantity and quality, which is why FameLab is used by the top professional musicians around the world to promote their music brands.


We want to make the process as simple as possible for our customers. All what we need is a link to your SoundCloud music track page. Some service providers may require you to spend time signing up and entering personal information such as passwords and security questions. We don't like that type of hassle so we keep it simple. You just need to choose how many soundcloud plays do you want, enter your link and send a quick payment.

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FameLab was founded by digital media professionals with more than a decade of experience in operating social media accounts.

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Yes! Our soundcloud plays are 100% organic, so you don't have to worry about using services from FameLab.

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FameLab is by far the best service to buy SoundCloud plays and reposts. I have tried many different services over the years and they are by far the most consistent and reliable service out there. FL never disappointed me and my plays were always delivered on time.
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Very happy with the results. Will be back for more soon
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